About Midnight Media Group

Midnight Media’s first “production vehicle”, the 1955 converted mail truck with a left-side steering wheel and no left door.

Midnight Media’s first “production vehicle”, the 1955 converted mail truck with a left-side steering wheel and no left door.


It all started when…

Midnight Media Group, Inc. was founded in 1981 by David Emmerling and Walter Schoenknecht, both experienced producer/directors of non-broadcast audio and video programs. Pharmaceutical, medical and financial services clients provided the firm’s earliest projects, with deliverables raging from marketing programs to satellite video teleconferences. 

The company gradually acquired the technology assets necessary to produce the projects it conceptualized, believing that clients’ interests are best represented when production staffers have unrestricted access to creative tools. In 1993, Midnight Media Group moved to a 5,000 square foot facility in suburban Millburn, NJ designed expressly for its creative operations.

In January of 2004, Midnight Media Group welcomed Robert Camitta as a third partner. Camitta, an Emmy award-winning cameraman, was a founding partner of East Rutherford, NJ-based CLOS/Video Center of NJ. Over the course of more than 20 years, his company provided location facilities and video editing for productions ranging from the Miss America Pageant to Sesame Street.

With over 35 years of audio and video expertise, Midnight Media Group, Inc. offers specialized technical and media production services as well as creation of complete, turnkey video projects. A significant portion of our production work is commissioned by Fortune 500 businesses -- a clientele that demands contemporary-styled camera work, high production values and precise execution. We strive to bring these attributes to every project or task we're asked to work on. And when time permits, our chosen pro bono projects (or, in some cases, public-private partnerships) showcase our ability to tell moving, heartwarming stories and to support some of the values we hold dearest.

Facilities and Technical Services

 MMGI’s technical facilities are an outgrowth of the company’s diverse and often eclectic project history, driven by a wonderfully broad base of clients. The firm counts several regional “firsts” In the acquisition of digital media tools, and remains on the cutting edge of developing technology through beta-test programs, participation in industry and professional organizations, and close interaction with manufacturers and developers.

 Technical operations on-site include:

  • Sound facilities, including digital audio recording, editing and mixing

  • Video location HD / 4K shoot packages. Multi camera productions.

  • Webcasting. Multi camera switched shoots with streaming audio and video.

  • Digital video editing facilities suites

  • 2D and 3D Computer animation and Motion Graphics

  • 4K aerial drone footage